Who are we ? 
Established in 1985, CLAE is an associative platform championing equal citizenship for all residents. Through numerous initiatives aimed at integrating individuals with a migration background into society, CLAE organizes the Festival of Migrations, Cultures, and Citizenship, which includes the Book & Culture Fair, the Village of Citizen Initiatives & Creations, and ArtsManif. Over the span of a few decades, this event has become one of the most significant in Luxembourg.

Our Approach ? 
We have a deep appreciation for the arts, citizen initiatives, rituals, memories, and transmissions. Often, these elements can describe the soul of a society more effectively than lengthy discourse. They allow us to capture, in real-time, the depth of a society and its social and cultural transformations. Through them, we can discover the structure of a society and the equilibrium or imbalance of its components. Once a year in Luxembourg, the festival expresses all these flows, ebbs, froths, eddies, and words. The Festival of Migrations, Cultures, and Citizenship is the desire for tomorrow.

The Festival ?
For four decades, the Festival of Migrations, Cultures & Citizenship, the Book & Culture Fair, the Village of Citizen Initiatives & Creations, and ArtsManif have been supporting associative dynamics. These include literary, cinematic, musical, photographic, digital, contemporary, and gastronomic encounters, as well as citizen debates and conferences on topics that shape today's and tomorrow's geopolitical challenges. Multiple cultural and social expressions converge, intersect, and contribute to the references of all those who shape Luxembourg. Our event, known for its conviviality and openness, enjoys extensive media coverage and, depending on the year, attracts more than 40,000 visitors. We can count on the support of Luxembourgish and European authorities, as well as numerous associations, volunteers, artisans, artists, and authors, all of whom are vital forces in the country.

Merci! Bis herno!
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