The 41st edition of the Festival of Migrations, Cultures & Citizenship, accompanied by the Book Fair, ArtsManif , as well as The Village of Citizen Initiatives & Creations, will take place on February 24th and 25th, 2024, at Luxexpo – The Box.
This 41st edition pays tribute to time, a time that transcends conventional seasons, a ritual woven by the delicate thread of the other four seasons coming together for one weekend in an event filled with sensitive and engaged humanity; a Festival of United Seasons, a parenthesis that blends full and suspended times, off-seasons as well as high seasons...
So, regardless of the hour, the season, or the path you take, we invite you to join us in celebrating the cultural diversity of Luxembourg, in a space-time that reflects the essence of the country; where the 4 blends with the 1 to create a symphony echoing the resilient beauty of the world and our shared humanity.
Below, you will find the registration forms for the year 2024. 
Let's celebrate together this 41st edition of the Festival !
Bis geschwënn !
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