When will the Festival take place in 2024? 
The 41st edition of the Festival will take place on the weekend of February 24th and 25th, 2024.
What are the opening hours for the public? 
THE FESTIVAL welcomes you 
Saturday, February 24, 2024: from 12:00 PM to midnight 
Sunday, February 25, 2024: from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Is admission free? 
Yes, admission is free throughout the weekend!
Where does the Festival take place? 
The Festival takes place at the Luxexpo - The BOX in Kirchberg, Luxembourg. 10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg Latitude: 49.636277 Longitude: 6.173147
What public transportation options are available to get there ? 
We strongly recommend using public transportation. 
Every 8 to 15 minutes. The "Luxexpo" station is right at the site. 
Many regional bus lines More information at www.mobiliteit.lu or www.cfl.lu 
As well as VDL lines 6, 7, 16, 18, 21, 25, 30. 
More information at www.mobiliteit.lu or www.cfl.lu 
The festival is connected to all cities in the Greater Region and beyond. 
Luxembourg Central Station is located 7 km away, directly accessible by tram and/or buses. 
The Festival is located near Luxembourg International Airport (less than 10 minutes). 
Highway A1 / Exit 8 From the airport, please take the first highway exit.
Are parking spaces available ? Parking spaces are limited. We recommend using public transportation. 
North Parking – 750 spaces 
South Parking – 650 spaces 
Parking Daily flat rate: 5 euros 
Additional peripheral parking is available.
When will the full program be announced ? 
The full program will be announced in early January and will be available on this website no later than mid-January 2024.
I have filled out the participation form, how and when will I know if my participation has been accepted ? 
Project leaders and participants in the 2024 festival who have filled out a form and whose participation has been accepted will receive an official confirmation by mail and/or email from the festival organizers during the year-end holidays - late December 2023. 
If you have not received a confirmation or a rejection letter, please contact CLAE asbl 
at +29 86 86-1 or write to info@clae.lu for more information.
I want to participate in the next Festival as an association exhibitor, NGOs, artists, musicians, directors, authors, publishing houses, galleries, etc... What should I do ? 
For the 41st edition, please refer to the "Registration Forms 2024," available on the "registrations" page. 
The forms must reach us by November 15, 2023! 
For future editions of the Festival, in 2025, 2026, etc., you can obtain more information on the participation forms from mid-September of the current year on the website www.clae.lu or www.festivaldesmigrations.lu 
or contact us directly at 298686-1 and/or info@clae.lu.
Is there a lost and found service at the Festival ? 
All lost and unclaimed items at the CLAE booth during the festival are taken to the CLAE asbl headquarters, where you can retrieve them. You must first send an email to: info@clae.lu with a brief description of the item. If the lost item is found, you can pick it up at the CLAE booth at the Festival or at our office, after the event 
at 26 rue de Gasperich L1617 Luxembourg.
Is the Festival accessible to people with disabilities and reduced mobility ? 
The Festival organizers & Luxexpo are committed to providing a unique experience for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. You can also get more information at the CLAE booth at the main entrance of the Festival.
Is there free Wi-Fi available for the public ? 
Free Wi-Fi access is provided by Luxexpo on site.
Can media and photographers receive accreditation for the Festival ? 
For all questions regarding accreditations, please contact the press relations department: info@clae.lu
Regulations, Security on the Festival Site for all exhibitors & the public Ensuring the most enriching experience possible is a priority for the Festival organizers. It is important to respect your environment, fellow festival-goers, as well as the volunteers and organizers, so that everyone can have an enjoyable family-oriented citizen experience. 
- Make an effort to recycle, compost, or dispose of your waste properly.
- Please show respect to the organizers, festival exhibitors, and other festival-goers.
- Several ArtsMAnif artworks are installed throughout the Festival site. Please do not touch them (unless expressly allowed according to the installations) or move them. 
Feel free to ask for assistance or pose questions at the CLAE booth and/or to the many volunteers present. Festival-goers are obligated to follow safety instructions from firefighters, security personnel, and CLAE officials at any time during the festival.
We kindly ask you to follow the guidelines below when participating in the Festival:
Legal notice for the Festival website:
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